MiNx. Muse. Mistress.


I love the power play of BDSM, and its capacity for transformation, self-discovery, and therapeutic benefits. A respectful and trusting relationship of this sort is fun, fulfillng, and rare—something to be respected and treasured.

I first got involved in BDSM in exploring the fascinating (and often bizarre) inclinations of an ex-boyfriend. Though of course, as with many kinky people, I can now see the roots of my love for kink stretching deep into childhood, long before I associated sex with the inherent thrill of power, surrender, or pain. These elements of BDSM have always enchanted me. While they may exist as a complement to sexual pleasure, they are also a pleasure unto themselves. They're what make us feel alive.

Looking deeper in my early adult years, I felt mesmerized by the realization of patterns replicated from the D/s scenes in all sorts of scenarios and relationships. Kind of like unlocking a major secret to human interaction. Qualities of power play exist in all areas of our lives, as does the potential for the blissful, transcendent exchange of erotic energy. 

When I’m not tending to my slaves, I enjoy music, books, traveling, and martial arts. I pride myself in being an adventurous spirit and an awesome listener. I love finding out what makes people tick. The weirder the better—but no pressure.

Until we meet...
Mistress Lux

MiNx. Muse. Mistress.

WhAt I do

FIRST, What I don't Do:

Please don't approach me seeking:

Vanilla sessions/sex/nudity. I am a dominatrix, and not an escort. 

Heavily scripted sessions. Tell me your limits, your interests, and how you want to feel, but please trust me to take you there.

Or brown showers. I'm saving those for my wedding night, or perhaps my first divorce.

Other than that, I rely on scene chemistry and mutual resepct to dictate where the session takes us. The more respectful you are, the more fun we'll both have—much like in "real life." I'm passionate about kink and want to play with those who admire and respect my talents for leading the scene. 



I love...

Sensual Domination:
My natural inclination is to veer toward the sensual side of punishment—whispered commands and a lightly threatening touch, rather than screaming and hysterics. I like to seduce you into desperation for my approval. I believe a mistress should always keep her composure and I am proud of how far I can push you with such little effort. I can be mean, cruel, and all the nasty adjectives when I want to be—but my approach is always elegant and seductive.

Corporal Punishment/Impact/Sensation Play:
From sensual and slow to mean and aggressive, I am experienced in all sorts of physical torture. I find the respectful administration of pain, and the trust that this commands, to be one of the ultimate erotic thrills. Watching you suffer for me turns me on.  I have a heavy flogger, a whip, several paddles, nipple clamps, a Violet Wand, and of course, two very dextrous and capable hands. 

Feminization/Transformation Sessions:
As a girly girl myself, I enjoy sharing my love of makeup, lingerie, perfume, heels and accessories. Are you a naughty sissy brat, or a powerful, dignified high femme? I take great pleasure in bringing either character—or anyone along the spectrum—to life. This can be as simple as donning a pair of lacy panties, or as complex as a full-day transformation session. I have a deep love of makeup in particular, and if Sephora offered a credit card, I'd have already signed up.

Do you prefer your ladylike side to come out in private or public? I love both. Let me help you express the woman inside you.

Through physical restraint, I will slowly strip you of your power and ease you into my complete control. Bondage is a tangible form of surrender that denies my submissive of all agency and facilitates their transformation into a helpless object of my desire. I enjoy more traditional forms of bondage, such as ropes, cuffs and tape, as well as scene-related props—pantyhose, belts, or anything else our imaginations lead us to. I had the honor of studying rope bondage under the tutelage of Shibari artist Midori, and love to show off my skills.  

Role Playing:
I am a creative and enthusiastic performer who believes in the therapeutic (and entertaining!) power of role play. I come equipped with the world’s most twisted imagination, as well as many costumes and characters at hand to fit a variety of fantasies. Let's collaborate in crafting a scene that leaves us both inspired. 

Strap-On Play:
I have a serious case of penis envy, and never turn down a chance to prove it. Whether you're new and curious, or an experienced slut, I find strap-ons a fulfilling and exciting way to take charge. I enjoy working them into role-playing situations, or just diving in! Literally.

Forced Bi Scenes/Cuckolding/Doubles:
I'm basically the female equivalent of the douchey frat boy who's always trying to get drunk girls to make out with each other. Scenes that play in any way with gender or sexuality put a giant smile on my face. 

Equally fun for me are cuckolding or double domme sessions. I have a small but stellar handful of super sexy friends in New York, Chicago, and the Bay who love to have fun at the expense of a helpless man. Please give me extra notice, and extra scheduling flexibility, to book a session that involves more than me.

Discreet Public Sessions:
This is one of my favorite ways to play. I will accompany you on a public date, taking care to remind you of your manners and place at all times. We can combine this with feminization, chastity play, or other ways to keep you under my control. Note that my rates and minimum are lower for purely public sessions.

Distance Training:
I am available for phone calls, email communication, and daily instructions. Please contact me for a custom package.

Interested in electricity? CBT? Piercing? Chastity?

Me too!

My interests range far and wide and are always expanding. I prefer conversations to laundry lists. Please feel free to inquire about other activities in your initial email to me.


MiNx. Muse. Mistress.

Book a Session

It's playtime.

I look forward to playing with you! Please fill out my Secure Booking Form or send me an email (mistresslux@hushmail.com) specifiying the time, date and duration that you wish to meet for, the activities that interest you, your hard limits, and experience level. Please include at least two potential meeting times and dates, when possible.


I screen all new submissives, which can be done in a few ways. If you are experienced playing with professional dommes or other providers, please send me references of one or two whom you have seen in the past few years who are still active. If not, I will require additional identity verification.

If we are meeting for the first time, I require a deposit to secure our time together. Deposits are applicable to the session fee. Deposits are non-refundable, but if you cancel with 48 hours notice, I will apply your deposit to a rescheduled session. Exceptions might apply in unusual circumstances, such as if I'm touring or traveling to meet you. 


Up to 90 minutes 

2 Hours or More $300/hour
Full Evening (up to 6 hours of play and social time) $1500
Full Day (up to 12 hours) $2500
Overnight  $3,000/day
Public Only Dates  $200/hour

If we have met previously, one hour appointments are sometimes available, depending on the session you're seeking.

I prefer first-time submissives to serve me at Black Thorn, located in the hills of Oakland above Lake Merritt. For sessions here, please add $60 per hour for the dungeon rental fee. 

I am available for outcalls as well, for new submissives with proper screening information, or established friends. Travel fees or minimum session times apply, depending on location.

Traveling: I love to travel! I am available to visit you in your home city or go on a trip with you once we are acquainted. I require private sleeping accommodations.

Secure Booking Form 

Direct Email:

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MiNx. Muse. Mistress.


ARe you feeling Spicy or sweet?

Feast your eyes.

MiNx. Muse. Mistress.


Who Doesn't Love a Surprise?

My Amazon list (mostly books)

I love gift certificates from Paint Box or Aire, and anything from Darkest Fox—my best friend founded the company a few years ago and I love suporting her. Buy presents for all the ladies in your life there, and tell her I sent you.

I love surprises in general: jewelry, tea, flowers, stockings, bondage equipment. Any toys or clothing that would enhance our session.

Or a photo shoot with one of my amazing photographers (especially Alias Josie)! Any sub who buys me a photo session will be rewarded with a personalized, exclusive photo from our shoot (special requests are very welcome).


Shoes: American 7 ½

Dresses: 4

Lingerie: Small, 32 C


MiNx. Muse. Mistress.

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